Friday, December 30, 2011

Mint Tea!!

Perfect for the evening! The brand I usually use is Pukka's organic three mint tea and then I add some fresh leaves to intensify the divine flavah!

Salad Addict !

I eat salad everyday! This one was made with baby spinach a couple cherry tomatoes diced apple and cashews! The apple and cashews got married in this dish. Dressing -olive oil-maplesyrup-riceviniger!

left over rice....

I found some left over brown rice in my fridge and decided to make a ginger lentil rice with pan fried sesame tofu on the side.
Left over rice is perfect for frying and improvising with spices. I slowly fried the ginger until it was light brown added veggies and after stirring a couple minutes added the rice. Also put in a hint of soy sauce and cumin wich went well with the ginger and lentils. The smoked tofu was dabbed in flour and sesame seeds then pan fried in sesame oil ....delicious nutritious

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We eat with our eyes first

I love cooking, but I always get the most excited when deciding how I'm going to present the food on the plate. How am I going to make an ordinary dish look like something prepared from a restaurant? I could have easily layed the asparagus in a straight line and layed the lamb meatballs parallel....but that just would have been boring! So I came up with this....Wa La! Hope my little trick worked, does it look more appealing now?? Lamb meatballs, grilled asparagus layed ontop of a spicy miso sauce that I mixed with a little mayonnaise(#fatty,guilty) and garnished with some chopped up red bell pepper. -Jamie Onuki

The Beauty of Simplicity

When I'm [TRYING] to diet, my food isn't always the most exciting, but I decided that I should share anyway. I woke up late this morning so rather than going to the store, I thought I should be resourceful, save a little money, and just use the things that were already in the refrigerator. Whipped up something simple that still tasted great and had enough nutrients to get me going until a little later :) When in doubt, EAT HEALTHY!- Jamie Onuki

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday Dec 27

Miso Mackerel....(japanese classic) ginger sesame carrot sallad, with brown basmati rice. (I prefer white rice but didn't have it at home) Read about Mackerel a delicious fish thats good for you!